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Are you embarrassed about your missing teeth? Wondering if there's a way to fill in those gaps? If a tooth is missing and you have adjacent teeth on both sides of the empty space, then a bridge can be a great permanent tooth-replacement option. 

What are Bridges?

Dental Bridges Kitchener Dental bridges are dental restorations that use an artificial tooth to fill in the spaces left by missing teeth. The artificial tooth stays in place by using adjacent teeth for support. Dental bridges are highly durable, strong, and natural looking. Not only do they strengthen your bite, they also stabilize neighboring teeth and prevent shifting.

Bridges at MI Dental are metal free, ensuring ideal aesthetics without sacrificing strength. For teeth that show when you smile, we use E.Max for its superior aesthetics. For the back teeth that take the brunt of the chewing forces, we use stronger zirconia material.

What Does the Bridge Procedure Involve?

To create and place a dental bridge, the teeth adjacent to the missing tooth will be prepared and an impression will be taken. While your bridge is being fabricated at the lab, your teeth will have temporary crowns to protect their structure. Once the bridge is complete, you will try it on and approve the fit, and Dr. Manzoor will place it with dental cement.

A dental bridge is semi-permanent, meaning that it can only be removed by Dr. Manzoor. However, once placed, they can last for many years with proper care. This includes good oral hygiene at home and regular cleaning appointments at our Kitchener dental office.

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