Emergency Dentist

Emergency Dentist in Kitchener, ON

When you’re dealing with a knocked-out tooth or a brain-rattling toothache, the last thing you want to worry about is who you’re going to turn to for dental care. You want a dentist that can not only provide you with routine checkups and care but also emergency dentistry when problems arise. Look no further than MI Dental.

A True Dental Emergency

It’s important to recognize when your dental problem is an actual dental emergency that requires immediate medical attention. Some of the most common dental emergencies we see include,

  • A toothache (often a sign of a cavity or an infected tooth)
  • A dislodged tooth
  • A knocked-out tooth
  • Bitten tongue or cheek
  • Damaged braces
  • Broken dental restorations (e.g. crown or filling)
  • A cracked or fractured tooth
  • Facial swelling and jaw pain

Know Where to Turn

When a dental emergency occurs the last thing you want to worry about is where you are going to go for care. Time is critical when it comes to treating a dental emergency, whether it’s a knocked-out tooth or an infection in the gums or bone. Know that our Kitchener, ON, dental team is always here to provide you with immediate, same-day dental care when your urgent smile needs arise. It can provide our patients with peace of mind knowing that they can always turn to us for all of their dental needs.

Don’t Ignore Symptoms…Turn to Us

If you are in pain the worst thing you can do is wait. You need to turn to our dental team right away. While broken bones will mend themselves and headaches will go away with pain relievers, remember that teeth and gums cannot repair themselves. The only way to treat cavities, infections, and dental trauma is to turn to our team of qualified dental experts for treatment. We also have all the imaging equipment and technology onsite, so we can easily diagnose the problem and get you the care you need to feel better fast.

Dealing with a dental emergency? If so, our Kitchener, ON, dental team is here to provide you with the immediate care you need? Call MI Dental right away at (519) 894-9444!

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