Impacted Wisdom Teeth Removal Kitchener, ON

An extraction involves removing a tooth if it's severely decayed or damaged, if an impacted wisdom tooth, or if we have to make room for dentures or implants. At MiDental, we will only extract teeth when absolutely necessary and when there are no other viable available options.

An impacted wisdom tooth can cause a wide variety of issues including pain, inflammation, infection, and even cysts to develop. A tooth becomes impacted when it fails to erupt properly above the gum line, such as growing at an angle into other teeth. In addition, impacted wisdom teeth are also harder to clean, which increases the risk of decay and infection.

To prevent such complications, we recommend removing impacted teeth to preserve the health of neighboring teeth and your entire mouth. Before performing any tooth extraction, we will go over all of your options to find the best course of action. All of our procedures are performed with an anesthetic (and sedation if need) so you can rest assured you will remain completely comfortable. We use the latest technology, including digital imaging, intra oral cameras, and panoramic imaging to ensure the best results. Contact MiDental to set up an appointment.

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