Non-Surgical Gum Therapy

Non- Surgical Gum Disease Treatment Kitchener, ON

One of the biggest oral problems that Canadians face today is gum disease. Gum disease occurs in a couple of main stages: the first stage is gingivitis which symptoms include bad breath and inflamed and bleeding gums. As gingivitis develops and becomes more serious, it develops into periodontal disease, which impacts the underlying tissues that support your teeth. During this stage, your gum tissues will begin to recede and your teeth will loosen and fall out.

Because gum disease happens gradually, we recommend treating it before it becomes serious. Non-surgical gum therapy is ideal for less severe cases of gum disease and involves using a number of procedures including curettage, root planing and local medication. Curettage removes the inflamed tissue surrounding the tooth to eliminate the source of chronic inflammation and infection. Root planing smooths and removes micro amounts of the root surface. If needed, local medication may be administered into the infected sites to minimize discomfort and prevent the spread of the infection.

If a surgical intervention is needed, we may recommend a periodontist who specializes in the surgical removal of gum tissues. We recommend at least several treatment sessions to maximize the chances of successfully treating your gum disease. If you or loved one is suffering from gum disease,contact MiDentalin Kitchener to set up an appointment. Our office is open alternate Saturdays and evenings and offers free ample parking for your entire family.

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