Root Canal Therapy

Root Canal Therapy Kitchener, ON

Root Canal Therapy Kitchener ON

A tooth has two main parts; the one that we can see in the mouth is called the crown and the part that is hidden in the jawbone and gums are the roots. Tooth decay usually starts in the crown part of the tooth and with time invades the deeper layers. Each tooth root has a canal running through it, a hollow chamber that contains nerves and blood vessels. Once the decay has extended deep enough, we have to clean the canals in the root, as well as the crown, to restore the health of the entire tooth. This is called root canal treatment.

When is a Root Canal Necessary?

Even with the protective layers surrounding it, tooth pulp is vulnerable to infection and injury:

  • A deep cavity can extend to the pulp chamber, permitting bacteria to reach the pulp and cause infection.
  • Similarly, a broken or cracked tooth can allow bacteria access to the pulp chamber.
  • With serious gum disease, infection can spread from the gums to the pulp inside the roots.
  • Tooth trauma can critically damage the nerves or the blood vessels inside the tooth, leading to pulp death.

Commonly, the signs that a tooth requires a root canal include lingering pain, throbbing sensation in the tooth, and pain getting worse upon laying down.

What is Involved in the Root Canal Procedure?

  • First, the area around the tooth is numbed. A dental dam is often placed around the tooth to isolate the area.
  • An opening in the crown is made to allow access to the pulp inside. 
  • Small, precise instruments are used to clean the inner pulp chamber and root canals and to remove dead or dying tissue.
  • The area is thoroughly disinfected.
  • The inside of the tooth is shaped to hold a filling.
  • The roots and pulp chamber are filled with gutta-percha or a dental composite and sealed. 
  • A crown, inlay, or onlay is placed on top of the tooth to strengthen and protect it from further damage.

At MI Dental in Kitchener, ON, we work hard to ensure your root canal procedure is as straightforward and painless as possible. If you are anxious about the procedure, talk to Dr. Manzoor about sedations options, so you can rest assured you won't feel a thing. 

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