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Invisalign Invisible Braces Kitchener, ON

Are you wondering if there's a way to achieve a straighter healthier smile without unsightly metal braces? You'll be glad to know we are a certified provider of Invisalign visible braces . Invisalign is at the cutting edge of orthodontics technology and uses a series of advanced plastic aligners to position your teeth into optimal alignment. The aligners are completely clear so can straighten your teeth without anyone noticing. They can also be taken out before brushing, eating and flossing, so offer great convenience.

Each set of aligners has to be worn for a period of two weeks before moving on to the next set. You will return to our office every 6 weeks to allow us to check that your treatment is going according to as planned. While overall treatment time varies from person to person, it should last for approximately a year. The aligners are customized to your teeth so ensure that they’re comfortable and produce the best results. If you're wondering if Invisalign is right for you, contact MiDental to schedule a consultation.

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