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MiDental offers comprehensive orthodontic solutions for you and your entire family. Our orthodontic solutions are tailored to your specific needs to create a healthy smile. The first step of orthodontic treatment is often orthopedics which involves using retainers and other short-term removable oral appliances to promote healthy development in your child’s teeth and jaw. Orthopedic treatment can prevent crooked teeth, tooth overcrowding and other negative behaviors that can occur during development. In fact, successful orthopedics can even prevent the need of orthodontics. 

If necessary, we may recommend orthodontics, which involves using braces and other long-term semi-permanent devices that are bonded to your child’s teeth. Braces gradually guide their teeth into optimal alignment to create a health smile. They are non-removable which mean that they can only be removed by your dentist. 

We will create a customized treatment plan to ensure that your child achieves a healthy beautiful smile. Contact MiDental in Kitchener to set up an appointment.

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